Karagounis & Partners Law Firm was established in 1925 and is one of the oldest in Athens. It is a Greek-French Law firm, fully French speaking. It is member of PLG International Lawyers GEIE and of the Association of European Attorneys AEA / Justinian Lawyers; The Head of the Firm, Constantin Karagounis is the Vice-President of the Association of European Attorneys AEA / Justinian Lawyers.

In Paris, is operating the partner French Law firm, Karagounis S.E.L.A.S., under the direction of Constantin Karagounis, Lawyer in Paris & Athens Bar.

During 100 years of providing legal services, Karagounis & Partners has acquired a vast experience and expertise in handling legal issues, as well as the confidence of its Greek, French and international clientele.

Karagounis & Partners’ experienced team of lawyers and counselors are committed to serve and cover in the best way the needs of their clients in a highly qualified and dedicated manner.

Karagounis & Partners offers a wide range of reliable services and legal advice mainly in the areas of Business & Tax law – Greek, French and International (consulting, investment, real estate, taxation, contracts, litigation, arbitration, mediation, claims, debt recovery, enforcement) before Greek, French and European Courts (Supreme Courts – European Commission). The partner law firm in France, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., offers the same range of services in France and internationally.

Specialized in business with France, Karagounis & Partners is the counselor of the French Embassy in Greece as well as of several public and private French entities. The French law firm KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., is the advisor of several Greek interests companies, French companies and individuals in France and internationally.

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