The energy sector includes among others gas, thermal, solar and generally renewable sources of energy.

Greek copyright Law 2121/1993 with all its subsequent modifications is the legislative instrument deployed for the protection of author’s rights. Authors’ rights are the equivalent of Copyright in civil law jurisdictions.

Karagounis & Partners offers client’s assistance, representation and advice at all stages of the arbitration process, the other techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Being one of the oldest law firms in Athens, providing legal services since 1925, Karagounis & Partners is widely acknowledged for providing excellent legal services and appropriate handling of difficult and complicate cases before courts.

Karagounis & Partners M&A team is highly experienced in acting on behalf of leading local and international clients in all types of mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, company formation and dissolution and setting up branches and subsidiaries,  implementing  due diligence procedures, undertaking complex reviews for all types of transaction across a wide range of industries.

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