Karagounis & Partners clientele consists mainly of major French, Greek, foreign & international leading companies from the European Union, the USA and other countries. It includes, inter alia, Banks, Financial Institutions, Industrial companies, Telecommunication, Real Estate & Construction, Pharmaceutical companies, Credit Insurance, Consumer goods companies, Machinery, Car & Trucks Industries, Energy and Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Food and Beverage Companies, High Technology Companies, International Logistics Companies such as Land, Sea and Air Transport, Travel Agencies and Hotel Business.

The diversity of their origin, areas of interest and activities enrich Karagounis & Partners experience and skills.

Karagounis & Partners value its international activity and collaboration with foreign law firms. The Managing Partner, Constantin Karagounis, is a member of the Paris Bar Association, operating in Paris with the partner law firm in France, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S. Karagounis & Partners and the partner law firm in France, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S., has a long experience in business and tax law, with a focus on an international clientele, which strengthens its cultural proximity with foreign clients and Greek businesses which operate in France and abroad.

Karagounis & Partners clients’ needs in Greece, in France (those of the partner law firm, KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S.) and in other countries (Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, the United States of America, South and Central America, Asia, Australia, Africa) are fully covered. Karagounis & Partners and KARAGOUNIS S.E.L.A.S. have established a wide network of corresponding lawyers and law firms with experienced and specialized lawyers through PLG International Lawyers and AEA (Association of European Attorneys).