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Practice Areas

Administrative law covers an important practice area of Karagounis & Partners legal activity.

Administrative law covers an important practice area of Karagounis & Partners legal activity. As a branch of public law Administrative law refers to the legal principles governing the administration and regulation of government authorities as well as their relation with the citizens and business entities.

Mediation is a very successful Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique, which was first introduced in the Greek legal system by Greek Law 3898/2010, “Mediation in civil and commercial disputes”, following relevant European Directive.

Karagounis & Partners is operating in all areas of general antitrust law, including but not limited to unfair competition, antitrust issues, Competition, Deceptive Trade Practices, Price-Fixing, Trade Regulation, and Unfair Trade.

Karagounis & Partners represents major bank institutions in credit and litigation cases, lawsuits, injunctions, disputes between borrowers and creditors, compulsory enforcement, land registry audits and registrations.

Karagounis & Partners provides quality, business-oriented legal advice by offering specialised services in all aspects of corporate law, local and international. Our attorneys are dedicated to provide professional advice and assistance in line with clients’ business objectives and long-term goals. Advice to foreign enterprises and groups about the options of creating business entities in Greece,…

Κaragounis & Partners is specialized in the field of debt recoveries and has acquired a strong experience marked by successful results and high performances. We are accredited by several foreign and Greek Institutions and Banks as well as foreign and Greek major companies, credit insurance and debt recovery companies.

The energy sector includes among others gas, thermal, solar and generally renewable sources of energy.

Karagounis & Partners is providing legal services in environmental law, handling cases related to urban planning and forestry legislation, public works, energy issues, archaeological places strongly related with the protection of the environment.

Business law consists of many different areas including: Contracts Law, Corporatee and other Business Organizations Law, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Antitrust, Tax law, Pensions & Benefits, Trusts & Estates, Immigration Law, Labour Law, Real Estate, Employment Law and Bankruptcy.

Karagounis & Partners offers high level quality legal services in insolvency and bankruptcy issues. Rescue and insolvency procedures are governed by the Bankruptcy Code (statute 3588/2007).

Greek copyright Law 2121/1993 with all its subsequent modifications is the legislative instrument deployed for the protection of author’s rights. Authors’ rights are the equivalent of Copyright in civil law jurisdictions.

Karagounis & Partners offers client’s assistance, representation and advice at all stages of the arbitration process, the other techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Labor law is one of the fields met with the most frequent changes in Greece. The legal frame is particularly complex and needs constant follow up of the legislation.

Being one of the oldest law firms in Athens, providing legal services since 1925, Karagounis & Partners is widely acknowledged for providing excellent legal services and appropriate handling of difficult and complicate cases before courts.

Karagounis & Partners M&A team is highly experienced in acting on behalf of leading local and international clients in all types of mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, company formation and dissolution and setting up branches and subsidiaries,  implementing  due diligence procedures, undertaking complex reviews for all types of transaction across a wide range of industries.

Karagounis & Partners is an expert in the area of Property and Real Estate. It is offering a wide range of services in all possible aspects from, sale, purchase and lease, of industrial and private property to complex financing transactions.

Karagounis & Partners is dealing with general taxation issues, income tax, for natural persons and legal entities, VAT issues, sale or purchase of property, inheritance tax, family offices, donations and parental donation transfer of shares, royalties, business activities, treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. Karagounis & Partners offers support to its clients for tax…

Karagounis & Partners lawyers have been advisors for market leaders in the telecommunication, media and call center sector having a long lasting experience in representing companies in this industry.